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I want to give honest reviews of products and services I have used. If you are like me, you probably check out when shopping for a product to read user reviews. This site is a good starting point to read an "honest" review - not a "placed review" by someone hired to promote a product. After reading my review, feel free to comment with your own experience. Then go ahead and click on the product to go to the Amazon page to read more comments.

Hopefully, you will return here to check out new reviews. I will also be adding Movie Reviews now and then. If you agree with my opinions on movies, you may want to check back for new reviews.

Sometimes I can't help myself and need a place to vent when it comes to politics. You may not always agree with me - that's fine. Feel free to leave your comments on my posts - but please be civil.

This is a participation site, so feel free to share your views and opinions. We can all RANT and RAVE!

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Robert Richardson


My wife and I watch quite a few movies. Besides being a computer geek, I am also a Home Theater Geek. We watch most new release DVDs. I will share my and my wife's opinion on movies we watch. Our tastes are somewhat different so you will get a male and female take.
Your opinions are welcome and appreciated. Let us know how YOU liked the movie.


I am constantly following some of the bargain sites such as DealNews, TechBargains, SlickDeals, Woot, Yugster, and others. Occasionally a really great deal comes up. I will try to post here when that happens. Unfortunately, some of the best deals only last hours, not days. As I get more subscribers, I will post good deals more frequently. (I do not make any money from sharing these deals.)

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