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Pocket Hose Review | Flexi Hose | As Seen on TV

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On August 24, 2013
Last modified:November 4, 2013


The Pocket Hose is one of those As Seen on TV products that gets 1 stars and 5 stars. Read my full review to see why I give it 1 stars. Initially I gave it 3.5 stars but the longer I've had it the poor quality is more evident so I've downgraded to 1 stars. If you get a good one, you will be very happy. If you get a Pocket Hose that leaks, or breaks you won't be happy. These hoses are light weight, do not kink, easy to maneuver, small enough to fit into a small container when not in use, and delivers enough water pressure to wash a car or water plants on the other side of your yard. The downsides are they may not last years and years like your old rubber hose. They may leak at connector and can not be repaired. I found I had to replace what looked like a perfectly good washer with a new one to keep it from leaking. That nozzle did not leak on the regular hose. With the new washer it has not leaked. I returned one hose and now the replacement broke (burst open in middle of hose), so will return. At this point I can not really recommend this hose unless you are willing to buy and return defective hoses. Like I said, if it works, you will be happy with this hose - but for how long until it breaks.

The Pocket Hose or X-Hose  As Seen on TV, are flexi hoses that have gotten a lot of press – good and bad. So here is my Pocket Hose Review.

UPDATE: 11/2/13 – The third hose of the 3 we bought sprung a leak in the hose portion. Like I said before, things like this can not be fixed. Therefore the hose is no longer usable. So, in 3 months we have gone through 3 Pocket Hoses. All have failed. My first review was 3.5-4 stars. Then dropped to 2 stars after 2 failed hoses… Now, I am reducing my 2 star rating to 1 star. The Pocket Hose gets 1 star because the concept is good and if the hose doesn’t break, you will like it. My wife is upset because she really liked the light weight an ease of use of the Pocket Hose… she doesn’t want to go back to the heavier, hard to handle rubber hose. She did buy the Coil Hose, which is light weight, but she said the coil was so stiff it was difficult to stretch out. So she returned it. Now she is thinking about buying the updated X-Hose which claims stronger everything. Although it is rather pricey. If you purchase the Pocket Hose, remember you’ve been warned!

UPDATE: 8/31/13 - one of the hoses had a fabric tear in the hose portion and the latex rubber hose ballooned out and popped. We will have to return this hose. I downgraded from 3.5 stars to 2 stars. The biggest drawback to these hoses is if they spring a leak, it cannot be fixed and goes into the trash. As I said in the summary review – if you get a good one you will love it, get a bad one and you will hate it. So far 1 out of 3 is still working. I’ll update again after we get a new replacement and if any other problems arise. As of now, I can not recommend this hose unless you are willing to take a chance on having to return if defective. If you get a good one, you will be happy – question is, for how long.

—— Original Review ——–

About six months ago my wife bought the Pocket Hose at Target or some local store. I immediately got on my computer and looked for reviews on Amazon. A lot of poor reviews. I told her that and she returned it the next day, unopened.

Then, a couple months ago she couldn’t resist and bought a 50′ Pocket Hose and said she wanted to try it for herself. We had a big beige hose wind-up box in front of our house that she said was ugly. I had to agree. It sat right by our front door. We just had our front lawn re-sodded and the front yard looked great… except for that ugly hose box.

I hooked up the Pocket Hose. Even at 50′ length, it hardly took up any room. I turned on the water as my wife watched in anticipation. With the hose nozzle turned off (it comes with a plastic nozzle – more on that later), the hose did exactly what it does on the infomercials – it started to grow. In no time it grew to 50′. So far so good. No leaks. No kinks.

The moment of truth… I opened the spray nozzle. We were both pleasantly surprised that it had good pressure. The water easily reached from the front door to the street – about 25-30 feet. I had read reviews about the Pocket Hose and XHose having poor water pressure. Not true in my case. Plenty strong to wash a car.

Next Test. Turning the water off we watched to see if the Pocket Hose shrank back to it’s original size as seen on tv. Not quite. It did shrink up somewhat, but not as much as it shows on TV. My wife wasn’t discouraged. She gathered the hose up and put it in a small bucket. It is very light weight so gathering it up was no problem. She did not like the plastic nozzle that came with it (I did), so she took the handle grip sprayer off the old hose and put it on the Pocket Hose…. worked like a charm. She was thrilled.

No more pulling a heavy hose from the reel in the hose box. No more fighting with the hose to get it where she wanted it. No more winding up the hose back onto the reel inside the hose box. And best of all, no more ugly hose box in our front yard.

So based on that first Pocket Hose experience we were sold. Greatest thing since sliced bread…. but wait…. not so fast.

The next week she bought another 50′ hose for the back yard. I hooked it up, turned on the water and had some leakage by the plastic nozzle end. Water was leaking from where the hose connected to the plastic end that you screw the nozzle on to. She returned the hose and got a new one.

The new hose worked perfect… until we put our own pistol grip sprayer on the end. Water leaked from the connection. I removed it, checked that the washer was seated correctly, tried again. Still water dripping. I replaced the washer in the nozzle with a new one I had on hand and voila! Problem fixed. So far after about a month, no leaks.

Again, with the new Pocket Hose in the back, it did not shrink back to original compact size. But my wife, who uses it everyday to hose the patio and water plants still loves it. She says it is so light weight, she does not mind gathering it up and putting it in the bucket.

So, Pocket Hose or XHose? I researched both and couldn’t tell a difference. Then I found the YouTube video below which I thought solidified my belief that they are both pretty much the same. In this video this man tests the Pocket Hose vs Xhose. The Pocket Hose edges out the Xhose by a small margin.



Is the Pocket Hose or XHose a perfect hose? No. Will it last as long as a quality rubber hose… probably not. Would I recommend buying one. Maybe. After using ours for a couple months now, I can recommend getting one (or more). [see Update at beginning of this post]. Yes, there is a chance of getting a defective one. I don’t think quality control is that great. But you can return with no questions asked.

This is not a 5 star product. Probably more like a 3.5 – 4 star. But still gets my thumbs up to get one. If you are tired of winding up your hose on a reel, if you have trouble moving your hose around – trying to swing it this way or that to pull to the other side of your car to wash…. if you are tired of a kinking hose (I invested in non-kink hoses so this wasn’t a problem for me)… then buy the Pocket Hose (or XHose).

When reading the reviews on Amazon, discount the 1-stars and even most of the 2-star reviews. Don’t expect a miracle product, and I think you will be happy with the hose. If it breaks in six months, then decide if it is worth it to buy another (my wife would probably say “Yes!”).

Note: The XHose has a new model – the XHose Pro – with brass fittings and supposedly reinforced lining. After doing my research, I decided the extra price was not worth it for me.

The Nozzle that comes with the Pocket hose is pretty cheap. It is plastic and has a plastic thumb lever that you can use with one hand to adjust the spay intensity. I found it easy to use and good enough for me to wash my car. My wife did not like it at all, so replaced it with her trigger spray head that has multiple settings as to type of spray. She got it at Target or some store for a few dollars. It is plastic and light weight. (I should probably review the nozzle!). :-)

Bottom Line: buy the Pocket Hose. I highly recommend the 50′ length. It is not much more than the 25′ Pocket Hose. The 50 foot Pocket Hose will give you more flexibility and doesn’t take up much space at all when not in use. A down side of all flexi hoses is they can not be repaired like standard hoses. If either end or the hose itself fails, then you throw it away and maybe buy a new one. Also, many say it is not good to use with sprinklers. It has some limitations over rubber hoses, but for basic uses may be for you.

Give me your feedback and review if you’ve tried the Pocket Hose or XHose or Flex-Able Hose or any Flexi type hoses.

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2 Comments to “Pocket Hose Review | Flexi Hose | As Seen on TV”
  1. I purchased 2 pocket hoses and used them all summer. Loved them as they are light weight and easy to bring around the garden. I have a 50 ft and 25 ft.
    Today I decided to use them to hook up my small light weight power washer to wash dirt off the side of my house. Everything was going fine for about 1/2 hour then all of a sudden the hose burst! Water was going everywhere. Not only did it just burst but broke in half. I know there is pressure built up while idling in the hoses but to explode like that proves to me it has no where near the strength of a regular hose. I still do think they are great for the garden or light duty.

    • Susan, thanks for your comment – sorry it took so long before I approved it (first comments need to be approved – prevents spammers).
      Like you, I loved the hose at first… rated it 3.5 stars. Then had some problems… one of our hoses burst, too – but not in half. :-)
      Then another leaked. They seem like great hoses if they work. But I don’t think they are built to last. At least with traditional hoses you can fix if a problem – patch, add a new end, etc. With the Pocket Hose – when it breaks it’s trash. Thus the 2 star rating now. 1 out of 3 of my hoses is still working.
      Again, thanks for taking the time to leave your experience!

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